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Access Control
Overcome effectively all Access Control dilemmas, from small business or home with front and back door to the more complex requirements of office blocks, factories, shopping centres, schools and universities

In one totally integrated system you now can now have high-end Access Control, Comprehensive Security Monitoring plus versatile Building Management logic

Restrict Access - user names & types

Keyless Entry - no more locks to change due to lost, stolen or copied keys.   A simple and reliable system

Door Control including Swing and Sliding Gates which can be controlled by access systems, remote control or interfaced into the security control system

Lift Control - include extended door access times for disabled users

Lighting automation, turning off the lights if no movement detected for 15 minutes

Air conditioning turned off when the security system is On ie. when the building is unoccupied

Faults in plant equipment (power failure, low water pressure, gas leaks etc) are instantly reported to a central monitoring station

Temperature Sensor Monitoring which may be polled every 2 seconds

A discreet alarm is reported if a User is forced to turn off security under duress

Garden sprinkler activates between 4:30 and 5:00 am on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays - but only if the moisture sensor indicates dry!

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