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 Alarm Systems

No matter how small or how big your structures, we install customised security systems to fit all needs. We install them completely and professionally!

Security Action Services start with the basic security system which is centred on your most vulnerable areas and we offer component options to increase your security. We give you total ownership and we do not have long term expensive contracts. We work with you to give you peace of mind and a security solution to your requirements.

Problems with your current system?
How long since your last alarm inspection? 

We offer a prompt, professional, discreet service, with competitively priced equipment, including maintenance and a security monitoring service in an Adelaide based Control Room.

What is Burglary ?
A security system with alarm monitoring from Security Action Services will help protect your family, home and business from the threats that affect us all every day.

Fear of crime  - a matter of concern
is a matter of concern to the general public, and to the Commonwealth government, for a number of reasons:

  • it detracts from a person’s health and well-being

  • it may contribute to social isolation, depriving a person of full enjoyment of life, and

  • it can have a negative effect on commerce

Security Components Include:

Control Panel
For home security we believe you cannot go past the cost effective, versatile Vista Control Panels, whether it be the Vista 10, Vista 20 or Vista 120. Our clients find the Vista-20 eight-zone control panel is ideal in most situations, giving you flexibility along with many features that customers want.

Passive Infrared Detector - Pir
Security Action Services uses the Optex RX-40QZ. Optex improves its patented "Multifocus Optics" technology to create "Quad Zone Logic" for accurate detection of humans. Using this logic the RX-40QZ has been designed to give extremely high false alarm protection. Offering very high reliability in hostile areas.

Quad Zone technology
12 x 12m Quad Zone Logic PIR

Quad Zone Logic Technology
Sealed Optics
Temperature Compensation Logic
Selectable Pulse Count
Switchable LED Disable

Smoke Detectors
Direct-wired smoke detectors connected to your monitored security system will notify the fire department of your emergency, whether you are at home or away - 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.

Pet detectors

Pets - Use Dual Technology Motion Sensors
Pets inside ... detectors allow for large pets up to 45 kg, therefore having them inside will not be a problem

See Who's at Your Door - viewing on your TV

Wireless remote control
click on photo for further details

Poor Eye Sight, Hearing Problems or just cannot remember your code ...
With the touch of a single button you can arm, disarm or confirm your system status by lights and tones.
A most powerful wireless remote control. You'll see how convenient it is to operate your security system with the 5804BD. And you'll also see how the 5804BD gives you extra peace of mind, by being able to check the status of your security system before you enter your home.

Wireless security watch
click on photo for further details

Something new - Wireless Security Watch
Cutting-edge technology in the simplest, most user-friendly form imaginable. All the great features of a 5804 four-button wireless key are combined with the practicality and durability of a Timex™ digital watch. It’s no longer necessary to carry a separate remote key fob; controlling the security system is always right at the user’s fingertips.

Panic buttons

Panic Buttons
A panic alarm can be initiated from the keypad or from a push-button, worn or carried with you, or mounted near your desk, cash draw or safe. Panic buttons can be silent or audible. T
his dual-button personal panic includes:
  • Sleek design, fully supervised portable panic Dual-Button action
  • Use as pendant or belt clip (belt clip included)
  • Includes user-changeable lithium battery
Temperature Sensors - environmental

Glass Break Detectors
Audio glass break sensors "listen" for the different sounds of breaking glass and can monitor numerous windows in the same area.

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