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Esprit with wiper
ES30C/ES31C Series Positioning System

Esprit™ System with IOP Camera and Optional Wiper

Product Features
• Receiver, Pan & Tilt, and Enclosure with an Integrated Optics Package (IOP)
• Auto Focus with Manual Override
• Programmable Camera Settings
• Auto Iris with Manual Override
• Integral Multi-protocol Receiver/Driver
• Easy to Install - Quick and Simple Electrical Connections
• Variable Speed Pan -.1 to 100 degrees/second with Proportional Pan
• 360 Degree Continuous Pan Rotation
• Zone Blanking – Allows up to eight zones (programmable in size) to be set to output blank video.
• Operational in 90 mph Wind Conditions; Can Withstand Wind Velocity Up to 130 mph
• Pan Preset Speed of 100 Degrees Per Second in 50 mph Winds and 50 Degrees Per Second in 90 mph Winds
• Tilt Range of +40 Degrees to -90 Degrees from Horizontal
• Preset Positioning, Patterns, Multiple Scan Modes
• Designed for Minimal Maintenance, No Gears to Adjust
• Lightweight Aluminium Construction
• Indoor/Outdoor Applications

Pelco engineers have brought together the very best in enclosure design, pan/tilt mechanics and receiver/driver technologies. This completely integrated package offers very responsive, high-speed positioning capabilities, outstanding weatherproofing protection, and a level of aesthetics that remain unmatched within the industry.

And now you can specify two great new features: Window Wiper and Auto Focus DSP Cameras.

The ES31C Series includes a window wiper. The wiper is completely integrated into the enclosure and does not interfere with the viewing range of the system. The wiper can be programmed to delay between wipes and to automatically shut off after a specified period. A built-in heater, window defroster/defogger, sun shroud, and insulation blanket are standard features  on the ES30C and ES31C units. All units also include an open collector auxiliary output that functions for two seconds before deactivating. 

A powder-coated, aluminium construction makes the ES30C and ES31C ideal for either indoor or outdoor applications. The system has an absolute operating temperature range of -50° to 140°F (-45° to 60°C). Within two hours after power-up, the entire  unit can de-ice and be operational from a temperature of -13°F (-25°C).

The ES30C and ES31C Series variable pan and tilt speeds range from 0.1 to 40 degrees per second in manual pan mode and 0.1 to 20 degrees per second in manual tilt. Pan preset and turbo speeds are 100 degrees per second in wind speeds of 50 mph and 50 degrees per second in the 90-mph wind-speed profile. Tilt preset speed is 30 degrees per second. The ES30C and ES31C are capable of 360 degrees of continuous pan rotation. The tilt range allows for horizontal viewing of +40 to -90 degrees. There are 64 preset positions with a preset accuracy of one-quarter degree programmable through system software.