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Central Vacuum - The Healthy Choice

Eliminate the recirculation of dirt & dust throughout your home. With a Ducted Vacuum system, dirt & dust particles are transported to the main unit (which is usually installed out of the way, perhaps in or outside your garage) by a series of pipes that are installed behind the walls or under the floor of your home. In this way, airborne dust is reduced with a ducted vacuum, while conventional vacuum cleaner bags pass dust particles through the bag and back into the air and your home.

A Ducted Vacuum means a Clean & Healthy Home

Dust mite
magnified house dust mite

Dust mites live in our homes. The average pillow is home to approximately 10000 dust mites. House dust mites are the most important source of allergens in house dust. Severe allergies, rhinitis (hay-fever like symptoms), eczema (skin inflammation), and asthma (respiratory disorder) are induced by the allergens these mites produce and affect 50 - 100 million people worldwide
However, dust mites are less troubling if their population levels remain low

Accessory & Inlet Kits:
With a variety of kits as well as accessories & fittings you will find you can vacuum the home and not disturb your family as they watch TV, study, or use the telephone in the same room.

Accessory Kit

Accessory kits come standard with a 9m hose, carpet floor tool, handle, banded cuff, crevice tool, dust brush, combination, and telescopic rod.

Inlet Kit

A standard inlet kit includes an inlet valve, metal wall plate, and a variety of bends and elbows.

The Ducted Vacuum comes in two models. The most suitable unit will be recommended to you based on the size of your home

Model DV1
FISE 2 Stage 1200 W
Tangential bypass
Model DV2
FISE Industrial 3 Stage 1200 W
Tangential bypass

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