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Security Officers for Static Guards ~ Patrols (vehicle/bike/foot)

Who needs a security officer?

Many businesses now require additional security and Security Action Services are able to address this need when the occasion arises.

Not only for shopping centres, banks and chemists, security officers are being more widely seen at cinemas, building sites, sporting events, 'Opening' and 'Sale' events, drive-through bottle shops, display  homes, car parks, restaurants, schools and more. 

For individuals, as well as for businesses, our security officers are able to attend your social or business functions as required. Security personnel can patrol several houses in a street or 'house sit' while you are at a funeral. They can check your home or business premises during vacation periods or long weekends (and even collect your mail as well as feeding pets and watering your garden).

Not only for the venue, but our uniformed or plain clothed security officers can "house sit" while you are attending a private function such as a wedding, engagement, funeral, graduation or birthday party


Our security personnel guard against theft, unwelcomed visitors and ensure your property and vehicles are safeguarded at homes and venues.

We have had requests for unusual situations, but whatever yours may be, our officers can be there to safeguard your needs.

Contact us today for a confidential conversation to discuss your personal and business security requirements.

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